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Our staff of scholarly editors will assist you who are asking to "proofread my paper." according to the requirements of academic writing.


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All Types of Academic Services
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Expert Proofreading

Those automated proofreading tools can't do the entire job for you, and even if you try to do it on your own, proofreading your work is close to impossible if you want to be sure that you've done it well; order proofreading from our editing and proofreading services with editors' team.

College and Scientific Editing

Our scientific editing helps academic researchers write their papers in top scientific and academic journals. Ranges from easy language corrections to more complex issues like upgrading and increasing text flow, readability, tone, and academic style.

Citation Checking

Our team of writers are well-trained and most experienced. They know all types of referencing, whether APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard. Our editors will make sure you have done this professionally. Handover your paper for checking the formatting.

Format Checking

Academic paper formatting is very important for students. You have to submit a well-formatted essay, thesis or dissertation to the university if you want to achieve grace marks for your writing. Mr Assignment can help you with that as well.

The Kind of Editing You're Looking For


The Kind of Editing You're Looking For


It’s 100% confidential!


It’s 100% confidential!

How it works

What your editor is going to do

Every assignment placed with Mr Assignment includes both editing and proofreading. To assist you in becoming an outstanding academic writer, your editor will make immediate modifications using the track changes tool and provide feedback in comments. Here's an example of editing
The Best Copy editor is a prominent proofreading and editing service for academic journals.
We provide specialised scientific and educational journal editing and the best proofreading services for peer-reviewed authors. Our scholarly articles editors will provide you with all of the support you require to publish your article in the paper of your preference effectively.

proofreading services for PhD and Master's Research papers

The in-depth thesis editing and dissertation writing service is the most thorough and complete proofreading service we offer for Doctoral and Master's theses.
This comprehensive dissertation proofreading and editing service offer both in-depth document and editing. It is precisely and professionally created to provide scientific students and researchers with focused and precise editorial support. It's completely private; we erase all written papers from our platforms once they've been submitted to customers.




What Makes Our Expert Writers in the UK Unique
Our team of professional essay writers is the most powerful tool that allows our company to offer reliable and outstanding grades before being granted the opportunity to compose your research papers, each essay writer at this firm is carefully selected and evaluated. To work on your research paper, they must have particular qualifications, experiences, and skills.
Our academic editing services and writing team comprises British specialists with a university degree and prior experience producing scholarly articles. Because we only hire fluent speakers, they must pass a language competence test. They are evaluated for their abilities, and we conduct a background check to guarantee that our authors are specialists in the subject they are writing. We choose the person who will work on your essay based on their qualifications and training.
Guaranteed Expert Writing Services
You're investing your hard-earned money when you buy something, no matter what it is. When students invest in us, we believe they should feel perfectly safe. That's why we have several assurances in place to ensure that you get exactly what you desire and are guaranteed.
Mr Assignment is always available to assist you. UK's Best online proofreading services.
When you buy from Mr Assignment, you get whatever you need. We'll combine the most crucial things students need nowadays – low pricing and strong research papers as the greatest editing and proofreading services. There is a reason we're renowned as the best editing and proofreading service provider in the UK: we provide all you need to go through your course program at a low price.

Proofreading and Editing by a Professional

With our fair, confidential, fast and online proofreading services, we guarantee that your papers are precisely edited and proofread.

  • Academic language and Best online proofreading services.
  • Concept and argument clarity, proper sentences and flow.
  • Academic language style and guidelines may be appropriate and formal.
  • Throughout the work, there is a consistent flow of text and language.
  • Rigorous and crucial review of your thesis and dissertation.

Submit a Scientific Paper that is Unique

This dissertation writing and academic editing service is crucial for native scholars and particularly beneficial for non-native and English native speaker students and scholars who require a rigorous and crucial review of their thesis or dissertation and a thorough and critical review of the above aspects.

Proofreading In Colleges

Proofreading In Colleges

Create an impact on your professors (and peer reviewers) by writing flawless essays and thesis or dissertations. Our writing proofreaders will do everything they can to ensure that your latest submission meets the brief and earns you the highest possible ratings, from catching those irritating typos to helping you polish your argument.
We also specialise in research articles and scientific journals. We'll go over your work with expert writers to ensure it meets international publishing standards.

Make a positive 1st impression.

A company's ability to communicate effectively is critical. Even so, the smallest errors in your writing can significantly impact how your business is seen.
Don't put your credibility at risk. Before sending your message to your potential customers, run it by us. From short essay papers to lengthy documents and research reports, we can edit and proofread all types of papers

editing and proofreading Services

As a scholar, you will most likely delay editing work. As a result, you will labour diligently on a paper only to fail to properly revise it, risking all of your research and writing skills. To avert this, hire us, and we will ensure your paper is submitted in the finest possible form with affordable proofreading services.
As a scholar, you will most likely delay editing work. As a result, you will labour diligently on a paper only to fail to properly revise it, risking all of your research and writing skills. To avert this, hire us, and we will ensure your paper is submitted in the finest possible form with affordable proofreading services.


Tips for Proofreading and Editing

  • Tips for Proofreading and Editing
  • Apply authentic methods to edit and proofread your manuscript
  • Improve the format of your manuscript to make a good impression.
  • Read at least twice your manuscript before submitting it to the university.
  • Hire professional writers and editors for quality checks.

Importance of editing and proofreading

  • The document is concise and clear.
  • The logic, ideas and flow of content.
  • The impact and accuracy of the document.
  • It improves the chance of publishing your research.

Is it Necessary to Hire an Expert?

The next important question is whether or not you should pay a professional to edit and proofread your work. While it may seem appealing, do not hire a professional to edit your initial draught. Re-read your book and develop a list of its advantages and disadvantages. Bring in a professional only after you've written the finest version you can. You'll have to spend both time and money on it.
However, once you've written your best draught, hiring a professional may be the greatest approach to maximise your eBook's potential. It may be costly, but the result is a perfectly polished and finished outcome geared toward the general public.
However, you should expect criticism and comments. Tell the editor exactly what you want from your book if you want to publish it and who your target readers are.
It's just as crucial to edit and proofread your book as writing it. It may take some time and money (if you employ an expert), but you get what you pay for in the end. You don't want to come out as careless or careless if you don't edit and proofread your paper to achieve the greatest copy possible.

What Is The Significance Of Proofreading?

For writing high-quality documents, whether professional or academic, efficient proofreading is necessary. When done properly, accurately, and thoroughly, proofreading can mean the difference between writing something that communicates as intended and writing something that causes a major mistake. It can also mean the difference between being accepted or rejected by a prestigious publication. Before the final version of their book is completed and submitted, no author generates a great text without reviewing, pondering, and revising – or trusting someone else to do so.

Vocabulary And Text Analysis Are Crucial For Detecting

  • Grammar and numbering errors, such as number forms, concise and scientific forms, levels of comparison, and so on.
  • Simple spelling errors, wrong usage of a play on words that sound similar but have different meanings, typographical mistakes, and so on.
  • Lack of consistency in document format could be as simple as style, space, and formatting standards, or a standard format for the study sub-type in question.
  • Missing or excess punctuation, periods, and/or quotation marks are examples of punctuation problems.
  • Poorly constructed paragraphs Misplaced words - good word choice improves the quality of your material, sentence structure errors.

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